Structural Calculation Reports

Every scientific claim, like engineering, should be supported by a mathematical model to verify its applicability. Such is the case with structural calculations, which sometimes are provided yet taken as a right in building projects to come out with the construction. But if this is properly done, various realizations in the cost and integrity will come to light, providing more confidence that the undertakings will go smoothly.

The structural engineering calculations should focus on the followings:

  • Structural element sizing, analysis, and design (i.e. footing, walls, beams, columns, slabs, etc.,)
  • Concrete reinforcement or steel/timber connection calculation and details, whatever is applicable.
  • Analysis of loading contributed by various elements during its operational lifespan.
  • Improvements within the structural elements that considers earthquake, roof wind load, hurricane, snowstorm, and the other catastrophic natural disaster.
  • The global effects of all combined loading within the structure. Preferably, this will be shown as a part of the design software results or in hand calculations.