Chairmans Message

Chairman’s Message

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce “MDES, Facade Design & Engineering Division of MAZAMEER GROUP. We are a Facade Design  Service provider and contributed to many projects in the MENA Region and we aim to expand globally.

We believe in long term business relationships. Hence, we make it our priority that we fulfil our commitments on time, economically while maintaining the quality of work. We believe apt design of facade with qualified expertise can reduce operational cost and increase building life.

Our Technical expertise is directed towards providing proper and complete Design facade system. We understand local constructability factors and introduce international design standards which we can construct with local resources.

When a project is entrusted to us, we make sure each personnel connected to the project takes care that each stage is progressed in line with the Quality policy efficiently followed in our company.

We believe Repeated clients are our success.