About Us

About MDES

Mazameer Design Engineering Services provides high end Façade Design Engineering solutions for its reputed clients. In the competitive field of Façade, we take on the most critical of Projects and with our Panel of experts, we provide, time effective, cost effective, energy efficient Façade Design and Engineering Solutions.

With each project, a new milestone is set, a new bar is raised. When you entrust MDES, be ensured that MDES will not only support you from Project start to completion, but also after the completion. Just like an ocean waves touching the shore, our support is endless.

Our office with technical expertise work very hard to design proper façade system. Our company can understand local constructability factors and can bring international design standards which can construct with local resources.

We believe in strong quality policy and all our members put best effort to follow these policies. Each and every project, our core team personally look after the final output as final quality before submitting to our clients. We respect our clients.

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